We Are Ohio Mills Corp

With beginnings in the late 1940's, Ohio Mills Supply Co. has been in the textiles recycling business for over half a century. Our name tells the story of our beginnings. Our early history was centered around supplying Cleveland’s Heavy Industry with cloth and wiping rags made from second-hand textiles.

Ohio Mills Corp has grown with today's globalized world, now exporting nearly 8 million pounds of recycled textiles to countries across Africa, South and Central America every year. That is 8 million pounds of discarded textiles being kept out of Ohio’s waste stream and re-used as second-hand clothing for the developing world's burgeoning populations.

Based in Cleveland and with recycling programs in nearly every county in Ohio, Ohio Mills is still a local company working to make Ohio a more eco-friendly and sustainable place to live.

The Textile Recycling Industry

The Textile Recycling Industry:
Textile recycling is one of the first ‘Green’ Industries ever to be established, with roots dating back to the Industrial Revolution. The industry has only grown in size and efficiency. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling textiles can be as much as 95% efficient when all means of reuse and recycling are utilized.

  • Why Recycle
    • The average American discards 68 lbs. of textiles every year
    • Discarded textiles make up an estimated 5% of the national waste stream
    • Over 20 Billion pounds of textiles enter our landfills every year
    • Only 2.5 Billion pounds are being recycled, a mere 12.5% of the textile waste being generated every year
These figures have been compiled by the following agencies and organizations:

• The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
• The Secondary Material and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART)
• The Council for Textile Recycling

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